25 years guarantee on all equipment and maintenance with 24/7 monitoring.

No Debt or Upfront Costs with locked-in,  affordable payments.

Backed by the Florida’s #1 home solar  & battery  installer.

What’s so special about Solar Energy?

Solar panels present undeniable advantages for homeowners. They promise energy freedom, reduced electricity costs, a potential boost in home value, and numerous other perks.

Discover the Advantages of Home Solar Energy with QuiqSolar

Your Path to a Brighter Future!

Achieve Self-Sufficiency in Energy

In a world of endless choices, why limit your home’s power? Harness solar energy and a battery to break free from the grid. Embrace sustainable living by producing your own clean, renewable energy.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits

The U.S. Solar Investment Tax Credit allows a 30% deduction on total solar costs, including labor and installation, promoting renewable energy adoption.

Save Money on High Utility Rates

Tap into solar’s potential to combat rising utility expenses. Conventional energy prices are climbing relentlessly. In states with steep costs, solar is a game-changer. US households use about 900 kWh/month, leading to bills over $200. With solar, reduce grid dependency and lower expenses. Opt for an eco-friendly, cost-saving future.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Investing in solar boosts home value. Properties with solar panels are 25% more likely to sell above asking price and spend 13.3% less time on the market, according to Rocket Homes℠ Research. Most homeowners agree: solar increases property appeal.

Worry Less About Maintenance

Each Kilowatt of Solar plant equals to planting 45 Trees over the lifetime and mitigating 28 tonnes of Carbon emissions.

Unlock Your Solar Savings in Florida!

Florida’s renewable energy tax abatement extends to 2037! Get 100% property tax exemption with solar panels. Boost savings and energy efficiency now!

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